Refeições de Hospitais mundo afora

Filet of Fish Florentine – the name is the fanciest part of the dish! NYU Langone Medical Center, New York City.

Tagliatelle (no, really) in a cheese sauce…served with mashed potato (naturally?!) Leicester, England.

German university hospital – dinner: chicken, cheese, bread, butter, remolade

Boston-area hospital cafeteria food. Yum

Cupcake from the make your own cupcake bar at St. Jude Children’s research hospital

From Grenoble, France. The color of the soup is very strange for a green vegetables soup !

Hospital food at the new Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA

Lavaur, France (thanks Philippe)

A post-partum carbohydrate restricted tray (for gestational diabetes) in California was this carb laden mystery meat meal.

This is Turkey Tetrazzini from NYU Medical Center in New York, NY.

Centre Alexis Vautrin (CAV). NANCY-VANDOEUVRE, France.

This lovely combination of canned spaghetti and greasy bacon, accompanied by canned prunes in syrup, Rice Bubbles and chewy toast. There was no other choice. Happy to be home !

An NHS Christmas dinner, Leicester



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